How To Apply A Fresh Layer Of Tan

Are you ready to apply a fresh layer of fake tan? We’ve got you hunny! Follow these easy tips for a beautiful, even fake tan:

  • Choose the right bBold Tan for you: look for a tan that's specifically formulated for your skin type and desired level of colour!
  • Prep your skin: make sure your skin is clean, dry, and exfoliated 24 hrs before applying your tan. This will help the product to go on smoothly and evenly!
  • Use a Smooth Applicator Glove: This velvet microfibre glove will ensure that your tan applies flawlessly whilst reducing the risk of staining your hands.
  • Apply in sections: divide your body into sections and apply the product one section at a time. Start at your ankles and work your way up, making sure to blend well along the way
  • Pay extra attention to your hands, knees and elbows: these areas tend to absorb more product which can lead to the dreaded orange results! To avoid this, apply a light layer of Maintain It Moisturiser to these areas first. Lightly dab the product onto the skin using our Body Buffer Brush. 
  • Let it dry: Allow your fresh layer of tan to dry completely before getting dressed or going to bed.
  • It's time to maintain: To help your radiant tan last up to a week, moisturise your skin daily.