Tanning With Sensitive Skin

Fake tanning with sensitive skin? We’ve got you. These simple tips when tanning with sensitive skin are guaranteed to transform your life. Our carefully selected bBold products will give you the golden glow of dreams… while keeping your skin in mind.

  • Our products are super kind to skin! However, just to be on the safe side we recommend taking a patch test 24 hours before applying.

  • It’s all in the prep: First of all, soften your skin in a warm bath or shower.

    Top tip: don’t forget to light a candle while you relax…

  • Time to exfoliate: this will ensure a smooth base for your tan. Apply a layer of our So Over it Scrub and allow it to soak into your skin for 5 minutes before exfoliating your skin with our Tan Buster Glove. This exfoliating routine will remove even the toughest of tans in seconds!

  • Tanning time: so you’ve waited 24 hours since exfoliating, now you’re ready to start tanning. We recommend using our Super Serum which is eczema certified and dermatologically tested. Use our Smooth Applicator Glove to seamlessly apply your tan.

  • Maintain that glow: once you’ve allowed your tan to develop for 6-8 hours and have showered it off, don’t forget to moisturise. Ensure that you apply a layer of our Maintain It Moisturiser every day after your shower to keep your skin hydrated and tan looking flawless.